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Photos taken by our Passengers and Spectators

July 2018 - Courtney and Brad share exceptional photos of their flight. And say: "I just wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderful evening. Brad and I loved every minute of our flight! It was an experience I'll never forget. Thank you for proving such a lovely night."

A beautiful August Afternoon
"Brendan and I had the best time on our hot air balloon ride! Thank you again!" -- Mary Mohler

07/30/2013 Time lapse video JP Miller provided this video of our balloon set up from his property.

11/10/2012 Heather/Bob Wandell and Nancy/Eli Geise balloon flight Photos courtesy of Gordon Styles.

11/10/2012 Additional photos of our Nov 10 flight Heather and Bob Wandell share many beautiful photos of their November hot air balloon flight. Ramblin Pines Campgrounds is one of our favorite launch sites.

9/24/2012 Flying above Carroll County by Asifa Shafi. Asifa has captured her flight experiences in wonderful photos showing balloon set up and launch then fantastic photos from the air and concludes with our landing and pack up with help from our Carroll County neighbors. Take a moment to see what a typical flight looks like. Thank You, Asifa!!

October, 2011 Taylorsville resident Al Poklemba shares these special photos of Dreamstar and Kaleidoscope flying overhead.

4/10/2010 - Roy Troppman and son Eric enjoy a balloon flight -- photos by family members.

11/11/2007 Balloon Flight of Ted Reinhold -- photos by family members.

10/31/2005 Balloon Flight -- Photographer: Kent Winterson in Dreamstar balloon.